A German Family Saga

Readers Guide
      1. What captured your imagination and made you keep reading Stein House OR what resulted in your putting it aside?
      2. Did you identify with Helga or Amelia or any of the other characters? Why?
      3. Did you feel anger at any of the characters? What stirred that response?
      4. Did the time period 1853 to 1886 interest you? How about all the history. Did it get in the way of the story?
      5. Did you learn some things about that time period that you did not know?
      6. What did you think of Helgaís parenting?
      7. Did you worry about any of the characters more than the others
      8. Did you see any parallels with our current times? What?
      9. How about the way Helga handled Paulís increasing use of alcohol? Was it appropriate? Should she have done something differently?
      10. How about Helgaís response to Hermieís amputation?
      11.Did the things that happened to the characters seem real, seem like they could have happened?
      12.How about Helgaís relationship with Eagle?
      13.Should Helga have given up Stein House and traveled with Eagle?
      14.What did you think of Helgaís lack of connection to the church? With her decision not to push the children to give to the church?
      15.Her papa was a pastor. Did she act like a pastorís daughter?
      16.Would you like to know more about Amelia? How she ended up in Indianola and her life before Helga and the children arrived?
      17.Did Amelia act as you expected after Dr. Stein disappeared in the 1875 storm?