A Charming Story About a Poodle for Those Who Love Them

      “While tending her Santa Fe gallery, where her adopted poodle Gypsy is the official greeter, Strong began to sketch out Gypsy’s fantasy of becoming a circus dog. Since Tiqua Gallery specializes in Black folk art and toy animals, these became the inspiration for the characters Gypsy meets while pursuing her dream. Ultimately, the sketches became big colorful paintings and a book was born. The story brings a smile and the artwork is cunning—even, at times, haunting. This is not a simplistic ‘illustrated’ story, but one whose vividly-colored visual images evoke mystery, questions, and dreams.”
      —Michelle Miller Allen, “Great Reads,” New Mexico Woman
            “Gypsy the Circus Dog is a simple and charming story of a dog who dreams of joining the circus. In the process he meets the delightful and warmhearted Calico Girl, and enjoys a wondrous dream. A folk art style in lush color illustrates this upbeat and charming tale for young folks.”
      —Children’s Bookwatch