A Novel

      “Song on a Blue Guitar is an archetypal New Mexico novel by Dorothy Cave. The strong character studies in this novel—by a versatile historian, dancer, and writer—take you into a barrio in Northern New Mexico, blending myth and history and the complex social adaptations of those who survive wars. Depth, humor, and sheer poetry.”
      —“Great Reads,” New Mexico Woman
            “Rancher Joe Steele sets out in search of his old army buddy, Toro Duran. It is a journey of mystery and ghosts from the past…50 years and a war that was now in the history books. Joe finds his old friend all right, but also finds himself in the midst of a fight between his old buddy and a Bible-thumping hypocrite from Dallas. Joe tries to figure out why he has become part of this. It seems almost like a ghost from the past has drawn him to find a man he had tried very hard to forget.
            “He meets Arabela, owner of a cantina, and Lily and her girls from a nearby whorehouse. Then there is Tecolote, drinking and plucking his guitar, and by this time Joe Steele is wondering about Toro Duran…is he a hero or a demon, and has he, Joe, fallen into a class described by P.T. Barnum? It all ends well, and the answers…well, Joe found them in Tecolote’s music opus. This is a very entertaining novel.”
      —The Tombstone Epitaph