A Builder's Story

            “The author’s easy way of writing—simple, clear, and self-effacing—belies the chore of building an adobe. For example, ‘Don’t hurry, don’t strain, just dig the shovel in, pull it back, lift, swing…’ He and his wife undertook the project in 1962 on 17 acres southwest of Santa Fe. They drew up plans and began building. This book is the story of that process, each step of the way. The book is more than a how-to, though many building tips do show up. Mostly it’s a building memoir and long passages ensue that paint a picture of the decisions and toil involved. Instead of making the adobe bricks, they bought 20,000. They chose weathered boards over new lumber, and enlisted helpers with names like Sixto, Fonifacio and Sam. Building an adobe house is a common story in New Mexico, but this one is personalized.”
      —Cindy Bellinger, “Book Chat,” Enchantment