The Positive Science of Food

      “One day, more than ten years ago, Ana M. Negròn, MD, had an epiphany. She realized that what her patients needed was a new prescription—not one for more medications, but for nourishing plant foods. She began cooking with her patients and teaching them about the benefits of a diet based on whole plant foods. Her book, Nourishing the Body and Recovering Health, was written ‘as a guide to better health and wellness through excellent nourishment.’ The book begins with a six-week plan for changing to a healthier lifestyle and includes ideas for continuing beyond the first six weeks to a lifelong commitment to better health. Subsequent sections provide guidance on stocking the pantry and refrigerator, nutrition basics, the use of foods to combat common chronic diseases, and much more. Dr. Negròn is a wise woman and her message is clear and compelling—there is a strong and important connection between food and wellness.”
      —Reed Mangels, PhD, RD, Vegetarian Journal