Some Samples of Wisdom That Nancy Has Collected
      One million dollars is not very much if you say “one million” fast.
      The first third of your life you want sex, the second third of your life you want status, the third part of your life you want security.
      Ladies, your life wouldn’t be so complicated if you didn’t have so many lipsticks!
      Every woman should have a hammer, a saw, and a lacy black brassiere.
      Why do men—and only men—back into parking spots?
      If you ever want to run off, take your spouse with you. Don’t leave your spouse with all the mess.
      Isn’t it strange that there is so much writing and so little reading?
      Collecting is a kind of contagious virus, that once contracted, rarely leaves you.
      How about chocolate for a tooth cavity filling?
      Laugh with your guests when your soufflé falls, the gelatin fails to mold and the bread burns.
      You don’t fool your dentist if you don’t floss.