Exploration With Family

      When our daughter-in-law and son, Mark, presented us with a beautiful granddaughter a few years ago, soon to be followed by another, I began to think about recording our legacy. Our lives had been extraordinary at times and needed to be clearly documented. I put aside my painting and began to dig through letters, old writings, diaries, and compile my stories on the computer. However, it soon became obvious that half of our life, and the reason for our travels was missing.
      I convinced Eric to join me and I became his secretary on the computer for three summers in our mountain home in Colorado. He poured through old business records, maps and letters, and constantly amazed me with his memory of names and places as well as his professional and historical memory.
      Pat Carr, Richard Anderson, Will Gates, Jerry Hotchkiss, and Sharon Stine, all published writers, encouraged our efforts, as well as our relatives and friends in Santa Fe and Colorado. We are most grateful to all for their support and confidence in our abilities at this late stage of life. However, we could not have finished this effort without the technical abilities and devotion of our son, Paul. We decided to publish the years from l956 to l966, concluding that they would be the most interesting to readers.