Some of Richard Brennerís Favorite Sayings
      If it doesnít pass the smell test, donít force it. Meaning go with your instinct and be careful.
      When people stop talking about you, thatís the time to worry.
      There is a right price for a product. Donít be blinded by the cost, but consider its intrinsic value as well.
      When in doubt, leave it out.
      Your first markdown is your best markdownÖmake it deep and do it promptly.
      Do you have to make that decision now? If not, with time they often disappear.
      A peacock today, a feather duster tomorrow.
      You never lose money taking a profit.
      All you have is your integrity. Your word is your bond.
      Sometimes, the best deal is the one that you lost.
      People are consistent. Meaning the way they are to you is the way they are to others as well.
      Always let someone save face.
      No one knows more than a high school senior and less than a college freshman.
      After doing the best you can do and it is not working, itís time to walk away.
      The best is yet to come.