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Contemporary Short Stories
By Larry Frank

"TRAIN STOPS is an exciting anthology of stories presenting humor, surprise, poignancy, the mystery of the dark side of human nature, and the many turns and twists of our lives that never seem to end as we expect. These stories are compelling, memorable, imaginative, and reflect the complete spectrum of human emotions." REVIEWER'S BOOKWATCH

"Larry Frank has had a remarkable career as a motion picture writer, producer and director, and later as a student of indigenous cultural phenomena in New Mexico. This collection showcases Frank's latest passion as a writer of short fiction. As the title indicates, Frank takes his readers on a journey past numerous scenes and 'stops,' providing glimpses into the varied lives of his characters--a museum director, a teacher and her pupil, a boy discovering differences in his own values and those of his fater. The settings encompass such wide-ranging venues as Los Angeles, Denver and Alaska, but a good number of the tales are set in the author's familiar environs of northern New Mexcio. Some readers may find Frank's brief, poignant sketches reminiscent of similar works by the late Paul Horgan and El Paso's Elroy Bode." BOOK TALK

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A collection of contemporary short stories from a master storyteller.

THE LAS CRUCES BULLETIN reports: "(Larry Frank) tells his stories masterfully through a variety of richly developed characters and situations. Also a poet, he pulls the reader in, with unique, imaginative descriptions of the inner worlds of his characters and the outer worlds they live in. These stories cannot help but have an emotional impact on the reader who may be stirred by the beauty of a description or the fate of a character. Definitely for the reader looking to find something of himself in these beautifully told tales of the human condition."

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