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A Sydney Reardon Mystery
By Mary Branham

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Having left behind careers in theatre and decorating in London and New York, Sydney Reardon moved to a calmer life in Santa Fe with John, her third husband and the love of her life. She began “doing houses.” “If you would like to re-create a colonial gem from Oaxaca or a farmhouse from Tuscany, I’m your girl,” she explained to a new acquaintance.

But she is devastated when John is killed in a bizarre accident. Still recovering from her loss she is invited by John’s best friend for a visit in Salamanca. She has always loved Spain and accepts, looking forward to the holiday. Her host asks her to stop in Avila, the famous old walled town, to deliver a holy relic to a monastery and seeing it as an exotic but worthwhile errand, she readily agrees. Within hours of her arrival there, Ben Harris, a personable young man with whom she shared wine, dinner and conversation on the airplane, has fallen—or been pushed—from one of the walls.

What she had thought would be a delightful week as a tourist turns into a nightmare as she is pursued by jewel thieves, kidnappers—and murderers.

Mary Branham was assistant director of the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She describes her first two mysteries also from Sunstone Press, Little Green Man in Ireland and Big Black Dog In Vallarta, as “airplane books.” Having bought many thick books at airport shops and left them on the plane unfinished, she determined to write a series of books that could be enjoyed on a flight of reasonable length. The first two have also appeared as an offering from The Detective Book Club. Regarding Big Black Dog In Vallarta, Library Journal wrote: “Memorable characters, slick dialog, and almost whimsical settings make this a delightful short read for larger collections.”

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ISBN: 978-0-86534-315-3
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