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A Novel
By Tom V. Whatley

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Half-breed Cherokee warrior Tse-quo-ni fears no man. But his greatest frustration comes from his inability to win the war raging within himself. The source of his inner hell is the uninvited influence of the white man. He hates the white blood racing unwanted through his veins. He hates Franklin Adair, the white man he thought was his father. He hates Matthew McCloud, the white man his mother reveals to be his father just before her death. He hates the deceitfulness of all whites. He hates what has happened to the once proud Cherokee nation because of their rush to live like white people.

During the time of the removal of the great Cherokee nation from North Georgia and the Carolinas, he slips away and journeys West to keep the promise he made to himself the moment he learned about Matthew McCloud. The journey is a daily struggle in the war within Tse-quo-ni. This chronicle of the journey reveals each skirmish, assault, retreat, wound, and battle and the eventual resolution that surprises even this fearless warrior.

TOM V. WHATLEY lives in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and is the author of four Western novels. Cuts No Slack, He Ainít Dead, Ghost Runner, and Twice As Good. He is also the author of a suspense novel, The Gatekeeper. All were published by Sunstone Press.

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-580-5
168 pp.,$18.95

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