Stories That Shaped a Landscape and a People

1. Why did the author lay out the tales under chapter headings such as “Grand Treasures” and “Legends in Their Day?” Was that partitioning a satisfactory way for you to read history?
      2. Did you find it easier to remember the Texas history presented in story-form, or did you miss the chronological format of most history books?
      3. Would you have arranged these stories under different headings? If so, what headings would you suggest?
      4. Do you have a better understanding of Texas early history after reading the tales in the chapter titled, “Texas in the Beginning?”
      5. Do you think women received adequate coverage in “Power in a Skirt,” or should their stories have been blended in with the other chapters?
      6. Were you shocked or surprised by some of the revelations?
      7. Did you want to visit some of the locales after learning of events that occurred there?
      8. Were you aware that there were communes in Texas?
      9. Were there stories that you wish had been included? What are they? Under what chapter would they have fit?
      10. Would you have selected “Bells Are Ringing” for the final chapter?