Native American Short Stories

      “Boyce (1908-1975), Cornell and Columbia educated, taught school on Indian reservations for nearly thirty years. Very much in the John Collier mold, he once said, ‘Cultural differences are good. To form a democratic, multicultural nation calls for nurturing rather than destroying cultural differences.’ This is a wonderfully perceptive collection of short stories dealing with young Native Americans facing change. The text is accompanied by the fine black and white illustrations by Paula Tsosie from Santa Clara Pueblo.”
      —Books of the Southwest, January 1997
            “George Boyce draws upon his 30 years of teaching experience and involvement with Native American Studies to produce Neither Red Nor White And Other Indian Stories, a memorable collection that will enhance all Native American studies reading lists. The stories include ‘The Pot,’ ‘The Hopi Way,’ ‘Susan Black Buffalo,’ ‘Geronima: An Apache Girl’s Own Story,’ ‘Part-Time Mohawk,’ ‘Return of the Potlatch,’ ‘The Missing Turquoise Turtle,’ ‘Christmas in Death Valley,’ ‘Indian Militant,’ and the signature piece, ‘Neither Red Nor White.’ These are tales told by a naturally gifted story-teller, reflecting the author’s feelings, insights, and understandings of the world of the Native American.”
      —Wisconsin Bookwatch, September 1996
            “Dr. George A. Boyce was well-known as an educator working with young Native Americans. The other side of his life was that of a writer whose special field of interest and expertise was the life and culture of Native Americans. As a person familiar with many tribes and their differing views, Boyce always tried to share that knowledge with others. This book of stories deals with the problems that face many of today’s Native Americans when they come into contact and often conflict with the Anglo world. Young Native Americans, in particular, often come to feel that they don’t belong to either world. He has chosen to address these issues in the form of fiction. The delightful illustrations are by Paula K. Tsosie, a talented artist whose family is from Santa Clara Pueblo.”
      —Marcia Muth, “Book Chat,” Enchantment, July 1997