Episodes in a Turbulent History

      “Marc Simmons’ collection of Santa Fe tales is just good reading. The history of Santa Fe is represented from settlement to 1895, and the book includes both the well-known stories and a few that I had not heard. My favorite was the tale of the crooked house election contest which involved New Mexico’s most famous governor, Manuel Armijo.”
      —Ray E. Jenkins, P.M., Denver Westerner’s ROUNDUP
            “One of the Southwest’s most popular and knowledgeable historians, Marc Simmons, has collected these accounts of true but often forgotten chapters in New Mexico history. Subtitled ‘Episodes in a Turbulent History,’ this book will give readers the answers to some provocative questions. Simmons combines historical accuracy with the finely-tuned gift of storytelling plus a dash of subtle humor. There are several historic photographs included in the book plus drawings. Other features that make this small book a must for readers are a Santa Fe Chronology, bibliographical sources and an index.”
      —Marcia Muth, “Book Chat,” Enchantment