A Novel of the Modern West

Readers Guide
      1. How do you explain Buck’s decision to divorce Holly and her reaction to it? Is his explanation all there is to it?
      2. Does Buck’s decision to leave the happiness he had in Montana and move to New Mexico seem logical?
      3. Would you have left the security of the university to pursue a ranching adventure?
      4. Do the descriptions of the landscape in both Montana and New Mexico add to the reader’s understanding of the country?
      5. Should Buck have “burned his bridges” in Montana when he left?
      6. What do you make of the relationship between Buck and Jennifer? Should it have ever happened?
      7. Do you fully understand Buck’s fears as he headed to New Mexico?
      8. Should Buck have pursued his relationship with Rebecca?
      9. Should Rebecca have pursued her relationship with Buck?
      10. What are your impressions of Phil and his desire to leave the comforts of the East and his family to become a cowboy?
      11. Is Buck naïve in thinking he could hold back parts of the new technological world?
      12. Would you have moved so close to the Mexican border if you were setting up a new home and ranch?
      13. How would you handle the border problems Buck and Phil face at the New Mexico ranch?
      14. Would you call the Border Patrol if you saw what you considered “illegals” if you knew they were not drug smugglers?
      15. Was Phil being gullible in thinking he could have a relationship with Selena?
      16. What do you make of Selena’s willingness to leave her marriage and get together with Buck?
      17. Do you think that Buck and Selena have a future together?