The American Locomotive in Pictures and Story

      “Making another appearance in reprint form is this slim but delightful volume from 1938 of black-and-white drawings by Otto Kuhler, the celebrated industrial designer known for such classic streamlining as Milwaukee Road’s F7 4-6-4 and the Alco DL109 diesel. In this book, Kuhler uses a dry-brush technique to create simple, stylized steam locomotive drawings that convey a certain mass and muscularity. He covers the whole history of American steam design, ranging from the DeWitt Clinton of 1830 to some of the iconic engines of the late 1930s, including the NYC Hudson and the Union Pacific 4-12-2. The rather simplistic text is by the celebrated Robert Selph Henry, better known for his influential work This Fascinating Railroad Business.”
      —Kevin P. Keefe, Classic Trains Magazine