Cautionary Tales Celebrating the Joys of Being Single

            I toyed with a number of different titles for this book. I thought it might be fun to include some of them here so you can see what you’re getting yourself into. Not only will they prepare you for some of the topics in the book, but they’ll give you a feel for my writing style, my thinking, and the way I perceive the world.
            Alternate Titles:
            My Hair’s a Mess, My Feet are Always Cold, and I Need a Vacation
            I Usually Look Better Than This
            The Cat Just Threw Up on the Bed
            Is the Boat Rocking, or is it Just Me?
            It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
            Sally Coffman: Teacher, Writer, Independent Woman
            Sally Coffman: Teacher, Writer, Independent Woman, Motorcycle Rider
            Sally Coffman: Teacher, Writer, Independent Woman, Motorcycle Rider, Idiot
            Once you start writing book titles, it’s hard to get them out of your head.
            This book reflects my attitude toward life, which is: you can’t wait for laughter to come to you. You have to go look for it. For me, the place I find humor most often is in the daily “disasters” I have in my life. Actually, they aren’t really disasters. They’re minor annoyances, inconveniences, mishaps, and embarrassing moments with an occasional faux pas thrown in.
            You don’t have to be single—or a woman—to enjoy this book. Regardless of gender or marital status, we all have embarrassing moments and “disasters” in our lives, like getting stuck in an elevator, trying to explain what you want done with your hair at the beauty parlor, and deciding to paint your house with your 16-year-old nephew when neither of you have ever painted a house before.
            So, curl up with your blanket and your cats, and enjoy my “misadventures.”
            They’ll probably remind you a lot of your own.