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A Novel of the West
By Robert K. Swisher, Jr.

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Crumbling Indian and Spanish ruins, lost gold and a modern ranch are all part of THE LAND where centuries of men and women have lived, loved, fought and died. It is a novel of their hopes, dreams of wealth and power, their lust and greed. Symbolic of what this piece of earth means is the spear point made by Silver Moon and cast aside to be found by each successive generation. The spear point fills each possessor with the vision of the past and these ghostly visions have a determining effect on the fate of those who hold it in their hands. In the end, it is this ancient spear point that saves the ranch and its owner from disaster.

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY reported: “Devil’s Peak is the spiritual center of a certain section of dry, alkaline land in New Mexico. Its flat top decorated with powerful primitive drawings, the peak oversees the passage of time and the passions of man in Swisher’s historical saga. If there were a category of historical romance written for men, this moving novel would fit the bill."

ROBERT K. SWISHER JR. has been a ranch foreman and a mountain guide. An individual who knows the outdoors and western history, he has successfully combined these interests in stories, poems and novels. He is also the author of THE LAST NARROW GAUGE TRAIN ROBBERY, FATAL DESTINY, ONLY MAGIC, LOVE LIES BLEEDING, and LAST DAY IN PARADISE, all from Sunstone Press.

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ISBN: 978-0-86534-095-4
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