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An Evaluation of Billy Grahamís Career and Life.
By David Poling

New Foreword by the Author.


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Why has Billy Graham, more than any other person, left his imprint on the religious life and history of our times? Why has a man who always cherished quiet conversations with ordinary people made international headlines as perhaps the world's best-known ďreligious celebrityĒ? And how did Billy Graham stay free of the tarnishing Elmer-Gantry-type temptations of money and women? David Poling asks these and many other questions critics have often asked--and he offers answers as one who was an outspoken critic in the past but changed his mind and attitudes.

Placing Billy Grahamís life and ministry under the journalistís microscope, Poling examines the personal qualities and unchanging message that characterized the great evangelist. He also chronicles the triumphs and struggles of the Graham Crusades and other far-reaching ministries. Evaluating the man in the context of the global society of which Graham still remains so prominent a figure, Poling traces his ministry and its effects from the early days to his position of leadership and reveals why Billy Graham won his abiding respect and admiration and remains a shining example to be followed in his private and public life and conduct.

David Poling is author/co-author of fourteen books. He has been pastor to Presbyterian congregations in New York, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas. His weekly syndicated column on faith and ethics appeared in 600 newspapers, with an audience of 17 million. Married to Ann Reid Poling, a Wooster College classmate (and known to others as "his favorite theologian") the couple has four grown children and eight grandchildren. Next book: The Gospel According to the Apaches.

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