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The Life and Times of an Apache Woman
By Bud Shapard

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In 1866, a Chiricahua Apache girl, Dah-zhonne, was eleven years old when a Mexican army unit attacked and decimated her bandís village. The horrible affair changed her life forever and she swore vengeance on the Mexican colonel, Lorenzo Garcia, who led the attack. Orphaned in the massacre, Dah-zhonne was rescued by American troops and adopted by an army surgeon, Jack Morgan. Morgan and his wife, Mary, soon moved to Philadelphia with the Indian girl they renamed Jada Morgan. Jada lived the upscale life of a wealthy young woman; apprenticed in Dr. Morganís medical practice; and received her MD degree from the Womenís Medical College of Pennsylvania. After two failed love affairs, she returned to the Southwest and became involved in a series of thrilling but sometimes dangerous adventures. Forced into Mexico by tribal dissidents where she was captured by Garcia, the man who killed her parents years earlier, she faces a lifetime as the colonelís sex slave. But Jada escapes with six other women, and this daring breakout brings more unexpected dangers than they imagined. Includes Readers Guide.

Association with a Chiricahua Apache family for 19 years gives Bud Shapard an exceptional insight into Apache history and culture. His background in Indian history and culture was honed as the Research Services Officer for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. After his retirement to the North Carolina mountains in 1988, he spent his time writing. His first book, Chief Loco: Apache Peacemaker (University of Oklahoma Press, 2010), was the winner of the 2011 New Mexico Book Award for a Multi-cultural Subject.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-097-2
254 pp.,$22.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-441-2
254 pp.,$4.99

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