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Second in the “Can’t Stop Ace” Series
By Barbara Beasley Murphy & Judie Wolkoff

“Behind the zany humor is an appealing picture of youth interacting with the aged—played for a few heart tugs as well as laughs.” (BOOKLIST, starred review)

“A fast-paced story of teenagers in New York City…. The characters come across as real teenagers who mature because of their experiences… [A] welcome companion to ACE HITS THE BIG TIME…” (SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL)

as well as BARNES & NOBLE

“Horace, get up and get a job!” his mom yells one summer morning, forgetting he’s ACE HOBART, HOT PROPERTY. That’s what Marilyn Maroon calls him, and she directed his movie with the Purple Falcons. So she ought to know! Ace and the Falcons want to stay in Show Biz, however, so they have to hunt for acting jobs…fast! Tricked into invading the territory of the Piranha Gang in New York City—far from BROADWAY’S Big Lights—they find theater work in a Rest Home for Famous Actors. But is this any place for teenagers? Ace has to play an old French guy with a big, ugly nose. To top it all, lurking outside the theater are the Piranhas planning pyromaniac tricks to blow the Falcons off their territory. And on opening night, when he sees the huge, live audience, he’s so scared he can’t get himself on stage. The director says if Ace doesn’t go out and play the part, he’ll kill himself. “That’s murder, Ace!” his girlfriend yells, hating him for being a coward again. Even if you’re always totally sure of yourself (and are you REALLY SURE YOU’RE SURE?), you’ll enjoy reading this book for essential information.

BARBARA BEASLEY MURPHY and JUDIE WOLKOFF were once kids in New York City, too, and also wrote ACE HITS THE BIG TIME, the first in the “Can’t Stop Ace” series. Barbara, a former actress, is the author of ACE FLIES LIKE AN EAGLE (ALA Best Books for Reluctant Readers), MIGUEL LOST & FOUND IN THE PALACE (winner of the Zia Award from the New Mexico Press Women’s Association and first in a series of novels on the New Mexico State Museums) and TRIPPING THE RUNNER, ANNIE AND THE ANIMALS, and ANNIE AT THE RANCH. She received the Christopher Award and, in addition to a busy writing schedule, participates in a program of building homes for the poor in Mexico. She lives in Santa Fe. Judie grew up in Montana and Idaho and had a short childhood career as a pet funeral director. As a teenager, her list of short careers multiplied: life guard (2 ½ days), elevator operator, movie extra, model, typist (6 hours), and carhop. She attended schools in Mexico and Spain, but graduated from an American university, taught school, then went globetrotting. Among her written works are seven scripts for the TV series, THE SPIRIT OF ’76, and six novels, including the hilarious WALLY, and the much-loved HAPPILY EVER AFTER…ALMOST. She lives in Santa Fe and works supporting a group that brings beautiful music to her community.

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-408-2
204 pp.,$16.95


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