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A Montana Dude Ranch Adventure
By Bryant C. Blewett and Ellen Marshall

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Sitting in a corner, Wade Wolf checked his watch and glanced out the window at the Crazy Mountains. He enjoyed this process of interviewing at his favorite table at the Four Corners Cafe. He never knew what new and exciting people would walk into his life. Hiring the staff for a guest ranch was always full of surprises. As Marie walked in the door, she looked across the room and saw a young, handsome man looking wistfully out the window.
I’ll get this job, she thought, and quickly crossing the room, she held out her hand. “Good afternoon, Mr. Wolf.”
“Howdy, ma’am. Glad you could make it.” Taking her hand firmly, but softly, he felt an electric shock that caused his heart to miss a beat. His green eyes flashed as he looked deeply into her dark eyes. The emotional reaction caused each of them to half close their eyes in that cat-like expression which means, “I like you and can trust you.” The handshake lasted two heartbeats longer than it should have.

Yellow Bear Lodge is a romantic novel set in Montana and laced together with soft sex, violence, humor, and tall tales. The setting is a dude ranch in the Montana Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness forty-two miles from the closest town. The scenery is spectacular and the abundance of beauty and wildlife frames the adventures of the diverse ranch crew and the local populace they encounter. An ancient Indian folktale about a menacing yellow grizzly bear in this valley is entwined with the rampaging descendent of that magnificent creature that delivers Montana justice in an engaging climax.

A native of Helena, Montana, BRYANT BLEWETT holds a Montana State University degree in Business, and a Master of Taxation from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. He graduated from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Executive Program, in 1986 and earned his CPA in 1972. He spent twenty-two years with The Clorox Company as the head of their Tax Department. A fourth generation northern Californian, ELLEN MARSHALL earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and Dramatic Art from the University of California, Berkeley in 1974. After a seventeen year career in retail banking with First Interstate Bank of California, she branched out into residential real estate. She and Bryant are married and live in Alameda, California during the winter months. Summer and fall finds them high up in the mountains at their dude ranch, Hawley Mountain Guest Ranch, south of McLeod, Montana which they help manage with partners, Ron and Phyllis Jarrett.

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-412-9
116 pp.,$16.95


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