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How to Become a True Intellectual in a Few Hours
By Marcia Muth

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Why intellectualism, you may well ask. And, my answer would have to be—why not? Isn’t it the “in” thing? The pressure is on to be an intellectual or at least to present a façade of intellectualism to a curious and waiting world. Unfortunately, there are many interesting things to do today that are vastly more relaxing and entertaining than the serious pursuit of knowledge. However, you can, by following the tips in my book, “bake your cake and eat it too.” You can become an instant intellectual in a matter of a few hours (two hours?). Your family and friends will be astonished. You will be pleased and not at all exhausted by tiresome mental effort. Instant intellectualism is for the modern individual who would rather be happy than to think deep thoughts. A humor book for everyone.

Marcia Muth is also the author of A World Set Apart, Memory Paintings; Writing and Selling Poetry, Fiction, Articles, Plays & Local History; How to Paint and Sell Your Art; Indian Pottery of the Southwest; Kachinas, A Selected Bibliography; Ma Frump’s Cultural Guide to Plastic Gardening which won a first place award in the 2008 New Mexico Book Awards; Post Card Views and Other Souvenirs, Poems; Fake Ivory, New and Selected Poems; Sticks and Stones and Other Poems, Thin Ice and Other Poems; and Words and Images, Poems, all from Sunstone Press. Her biography, Left Early, Arrived Late, by Teddy Jones, also from Sunstone Press, was published in 2008. In 2006, she was named a Santa Fe Living Treasure in recognition of her many accomplishments.

“A fun book, using acupuncture on pretentiousness with humor and no pain. Can be read in one sitting with one beer.” —The Santa Fe New Mexican

6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-913270-17-2
28 pp.,$14.95

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