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By Helen G. Blumenschein


Helen G. Blumenschein, daughter of artist Ernest L. Blumenschein, and an artist in her own right was a chronicler of her time. In this book, she records and describes Taos, New Mexico as it was in 1972. Long an art colony, Taos had attracted many artists. By 1915 Joseph Henry Sharp, E. Irving Couse, Oscar E. Berninghaus and W. Herbert “Buck” Dunton had moved to Taos and with Ernest Blumenschein and Bert Phillips they formed the Taos Society of Artists. The six founding members were known as the “Taos Six.”

Helen grew up in this environment and recorded her impressions of Taos and the Taos Valley using “sounds” as an opening theme for this book. She then offers a personal glimpse into her world through a brief history of Taos, the archaeology of the area, and many illustrations including including sketches of such luminaries as Joseph Henry Sharp, Oscar E. Berninghaus, Frieda Lawrence, Dorothy Brett, Andrew Dasburg, Frank Waters, and Spud Johnson.

In 1962, Helen gave the family’s home and furnishings as a gift to the community of Taos and the Kit Carson Historic Museums (now the Taos Historic Museums). The museum celebrates the lives and art of Ernest L. Blumenschein, Mary Shepherd Greene Blumenschein and Helen. It also commemorates the formation of the Taos Society of Artists and the establishing of Taos as a world-renowned art colony.

Helen Blumenschein’s work was exhibited extensively during her lifetime, with shows in many esteemed institutions, including the New York World’s Fair, the National Academy of Design, the New Mexico Museum of Art, the Carnegie Institute, and the Paris Salon. To this day, Helen’s works can be seen in the permanent collections of the Cincinnati Art Museum Association, the New York Public Library, the Library of Congress, the Newark Public Library, and the Carnegie Institute.

Includes bibliography and map of the Taos Valley and vicinity.

8 1/2 x 8 1/2
ISBN: 978-0-913270-04-2
68 pp.,$18.95

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