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How Diabetes was Cured with Food
By Katherine Orr and Antonia Demas, PhD

Diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, Hana embarks with her family on a journey of fun and discovery as they learn how a diet rich in plant foods can restore Hana’s health, taste really delicious, and promote time-honored Hawaiian values of caring for each other and living sustainably by nourishing the soil and growing healthy food.

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Growing up in Hawaii, eleven-year old Hana knows sharing food is about sharing gifts of love and aloha, but she doesn’t know food can also be a gift of health. When she is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Hana’s mother promises to help Hana learn to live with it—that is, until Mom’s sister Auntie Mili comes to visit with a suitcase full of surprises that hold the key to Hana’s disease. Armed with new knowledge that diabetes can be cured with a diet rich in plants, Mili, Hana, and her mother embark on a “Great Food Adventure” in which they discover the fun of learning about, growing, preparing, and eating new fruits and vegetables. The colorful foods are nutritious, taste delicious, and quickly restore Hana’s health. The story conveys traditional values of honoring our bodies, caring for the land, and growing food in a sustainable way. Colorfully illustrated on every page (two of which are recipes). Includes Glossary, Lessons from Mili, and For Parents and Teachers. For all ages.

Katherine Orr is the author/illustrator of twenty books for children and adults. She is also a marine biologist and an enthusiastic consumer of plant-based whole foods. Antonia Demas has a PhD from Cornell University in education, nutrition, and anthropology. She is the founder of Food Studies Institute, a nonprofit organization devoted to educating children and adults in food literacy.

“What a lovely book! It is so filled with love and beauty that you almost don’t know how wise it is, and how much illness it can prevent. If you share it with the children in your life, they will be grateful to you for the rest of their lives.” —John Robbins, author of nine bestsellers, founder and president of the Food Revolution Network

“Antonia Demas is one of the most important advocates of children’s health in our generation. Her award-winning program for food literacy and school lunch has the potential of improving the health of millions of children and helping to stop the epidemic of childhood obesity. Here is powerful information in a beautiful book that’s a great read for kids and adults alike.” —Terry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH, author of The Peace Diet

8 1/2 x 8 1/2 Illustrated
ISBN: 978-1-63293-154-2
60 pp.,$16.95

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