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A Doctor Cooper Series Novel
By Warren J. Stucki

When Coop’s friends, deer hunters Ian McKenna and Wally Stroud, go missing, Coop assumes their disappearance is storm related, until a third hunter of the group is murdered in cold blood.


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The evening before the eagerly awaited deer hunt Dr. Lawrence A. Cooper (Coop) and three friends (Tim Slade, Wally Stroud and Ian McKenna) gather at his mountain cabin. Almost immediately Tim and Ian clash over religion, gun laws and Ian’s rather liberal politics and lifestyle. On the first day Tim kills a magnificent buck using an assault rifle, highly illegal in the state of Utah. Not only does Ian witness this carnage, he documents it with photographs and threatens to expose Tim to the authorities. The next day, however, an early fall blizzard blows in and Ian and Wally go missing. Although Coop and Iron County Search and Rescue spend the better part of a week looking for Ian and Wally, they find no trace of them and no bodies are recovered. Coop assumes his friends’ disappearance is a storm-related natural disaster, but still wonders about Tim and Ian’s feud. Then when Tim Slade is murdered, there is not doubt something more sinister is at foot. As the only one of the original hunters left, Coop fears he might be next. Includes Readers Guide.

Warren J. Stucki is a native of southern Utah and enjoys life on a small horse ranch with his wife and chocolate lab. Following graduation from the University of Utah Medical School, Dr. Stucki specialized in urology and now retired is the founding partner of Southern Utah Urology Associates. At Dixie Regional Medical Center he served as Chief of Surgery, Chief of Staff and member of the Hospital Governing Board. The Reluctant Carnivore is the third book in the Doctor Cooper Series and was preceded by Hemorrhage and Mountain Mayhem. The Death of Samantha Rose follows The Reluctant Carnivore. Dr. Stucki is also the author of Boy’s Pond, Hunting for Hippocrates and Sagebrush Sedition and is presently working on a prequel to the highly popular Boy’s Pond.

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-188-7
314 pp.,$24.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-522-8
314 pp.,$4.99

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