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By Clifford R. Caldwell

A concise tutorial and reference work dealing with the firearms available, and used, during the Lincoln County War.

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Beginning with the Horrell War of 1873 and continuing through Billy the Kid’s death at the hands of Pat Garrett on July 14, 1881, the author describes, in detail and with photographs, the actual firearms that were available to the combatants during the era. The typical historians’ shelves are crammed with volumes about and the Lincoln County War in New Mexico, Billy the Kid, Sheriff Pat Garrett, John Henry Tunstall and Sheriff William Brady. But in Guns of the Lincoln County War the reader will learn the facts about the firearms of the period and those weapons used in the epic battle on the Rio Bonito river in southern New Mexico. This book will expand the knowledge of the ardent enthusiast as well as the accomplished historian. The book is easy to understand and follow for those unfamiliar with weaponry, but is thorough and descriptive enough to capture the interest of those who are. Includes bibliography, glossary of terms, dates of manufacture, and index. Without question this is the only reference work of its kind in print.

Clifford R. Caldwell has cultivated his interest in western history since boyhood. After a stint in United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, he retired from a successful thirty-five-year career working for several Fortune 500 corporations. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business and is the author several books and published works including Dead Right, The Lincoln County War; A Day’s Ride From Here, Volume I: Mountain Home, Texas; A Day’s Ride From Here, Volume II: Noxville, Texas; John Simpson Chisum, The Cattle King of the Pecos Revisited, and his most recent works Texas Lawmen 1835–1899, The Good and the Bad; Texas Lawmen 1900–1940; Robert Kelsey Wylie; Forgotten Texas Cattle King; and Eternity at the End of a Rope: Hangings, Lynchings, and Vigilante Justice in Texas. He is recognized as an accomplished historian and researcher on the American West and period firearms, having conducted extensive research on the Texas cattle trails, trail drivers and cattle kings. He is a past member of Western Writers of America, Inc., and the Texas State Historical Association. When not writing, Cliff does research on a volunteer basis for the Peace Officers Memorial Foundation of Texas. He and his wife live in the Hill Country of Texas, near Kerrville.

8 1/2 X 11 Illustrated, Color
ISBN: 978-1-63293-281-5
104 pp.,$45.00

8 1/2 X 11 Illustrated, Color
ISBN: 978-1-63293-245-7
104 pp.,$35.00

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