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Truths, Tales and Mysteries from Along the Río Grande
By David Roybal

Stories about the people and situations encountered during fifty years by one of New Mexico’s leading journalists.


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The kindergarten student, her family recently settled from Mexico, wiggled a loose tooth that she hoped would dislodge soon so she could collect a few coins and not feel left out again at her school’s next bake sale. Lieutenant Governor E. Lee Francis decades earlier had his own wish. He wanted a restraining order against Governor David Cargo, who supposedly was making Francis fear for his safety in the state Capitol. New Mexico Stories is full of gems such as these. They’re stories about life, not just in New Mexico but beyond. They’re stories about the human condition. They’re warm, funny, revealing and at times unsettling. Together they constitute a fascinating segment of New Mexico history. David Roybal, in daily, extraordinary rounds over fifty years, positioned himself to absorb it all.

Newspaperman David Roybal came to be well recognized in isolated villages of northern New Mexico where his work addressed the state’s pressing needs of education, health care, crime prevention, and government accountability. Confronting such issues from all angles, he also was a respected presence in county courthouses and the New Mexico State Capitol, reporting on governors from David Cargo to Susana Martínez. A New Mexico native, his stories have covered the political campaigns of former President Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress. Roybal has also served as a speech writer for a U.S. cabinet secretary and as an executive assistant to a New Mexico governor, state legislative leaders and university presidents. He’s an “organic intellectual,” moving beyond his formal education to understand the richness and frailties of his surroundings, says Arturo Madrid, a distinguished professor honored in the White House for his contributions to the humanities. This is Roybal’s fifth book.

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ISBN: 978-1-63293-434-5
396 pp.,$42.95

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