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A La Llorona Files Supernatural Crime Novel
By Elizabeth Walker McIlhaney


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Two altar boys are found dead in the Santa Fe River, apparently murdered, thirty years apart. The first case was never solved, while the second unfolds in present time. The priest from Mora who worked closely with the boys is the obvious person of interest. But a woman from an old New Mexico Hispanic family with a Catholic background who is the homicide detective for the Santa Fe Police Department, and a second-generation New Mexico Anglo woman with a Baptist background who sees ghosts and is a member of a state task force formed to solve difficult cases, work closely together, as they have successfully on previous cases, to find the true killer. They realize quickly that it is possible the priest is the killer, but not probable. An old, retired, extremely well-educated and psychic priest in Jemez Springs haunted by visits from La Llorona his entire life becomes a major asset to the women as they move toward solving the case that seems to bring them nothing but dead ends—until the night it doesn't.

Includes Glossary and Readers Guide.

Elizabeth McIlhaney’s maternal great-grandparents homesteaded the lush San Juan River valley of New Mexico Territory in the nineteenth century. Two generations of their progeny worked in the Indian trading industry throughout the entire Southwest and Oklahoma as owners, managers, wholesalers and retailers well beyond the middle of the twentieth century. Beginning life in the North Valley of Albuquerque on her Texas-born father's dairy farm, Elizabeth participated in the ongoing relationship begun by her maternal family in 1851 with Baylor University, which both of her parents' families had by the 1890s, by earning a journalism degree there. She broke out of her family's traditions for women when she pursued a career as a newspaper reporter and editor, free-lance magazine writer and non-fiction book contributor spanning several decades in three states.

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-238-9
200 pp.,$18.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-562-4
200 pp.,$4.99

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