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One Manís Quest to Eliminate African Poverty
By Peter D. Cimini


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At the Vatican a conflict develops between liberal and conservative Cardinals leading to the unlikely selection of an Indonesian Pope. Seizing the opportunity, the new Pope uses his Ex-Cathedra, papal infallibility, to declare poverty an immoral condition. Taking action, he sells the Vatican treasures to fund a plan he feels will eliminate African poverty. Soon, the Pope, an ex-American President, and an African nationalist join together to implement a plan to restructure and rejuvenate the African continent. Two years into the plan as they strive to provide irrigation to Africaís tropical savannas they realize that they have miscalculated the costs and the project stalls. But a brilliant, young, autistic man originally hired to oversee the use of Africaís resources not only solves the irrigation problem allowing the plan to move forward, he also comes to the rescue of a project manager accused of bribery and proves his innocence. The author feels this unique story shows the reader what needs to be accomplished to allow Africa to become a global power. Through his fictional narrative, he presents comprehensive actions needed to revive this sleeping giant of a continent.

A retired educator with a specialty in health education, Peter D. Cimini holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from New York University. He has written numerous articles for professional journals. He has published two articles in commercial music magazines, The American Rag, in 2011 and Cadence Magazine in 20l7, both articles devoted to jazz music. He is also the author of The Secret Sin of Opi, a work of fiction on the topic of missing and exploited children.

ISBN: 978-1-63293-228-0
330 pp.,$24.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-555-6
330 pp.,$4.99

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