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Legends of Rain, Rivers and Lakes
By Teresa Pijoan, PhD and Arun Chintaman Prabhune, PhD


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The water legends in this book are from nomadic and settled groups of Native American and Asian Indians of rural India and have marked similarities. There are stories with local mythological and legendary themes covering historical as well as relatively recent periods. Each story highlights man’s life-threatening struggle with nature and, in particular, the water element. Readers will enjoy the similar stories and cultural references of two different native peoples and learn the different types of characters, personalities, traditional dresses, traditional foods, emotions, wishes, views, moral values, rituals, faiths, and beliefs from these two cultures. Everyone has their own legends and myths that help create an awareness of their own purpose, their own life and their personal character. These are stories for all ages to explore, believe and experience.

Teresa Pijoan, PhD, was born in Española, New Mexico, and grew up in Indian communities where she learned the ways and legends of the Native People. Her father was a public health doctor from Barcelona, Spain and her mother was a school teacher from New York. Her grandfather was the famous Spanish author, Jose Pijoan. Teresa Pijoan is a lecturer, storyteller, research writer, and teacher. She has shared her storytelling throughout Central Europe, Mexico, and the United States. She feels myths are “magic lenses” through which cultures can be viewed, understood, and deeply appreciated. Other books by Teresa Pijoan are Dead Kachina Man, American Indian Creation Myths, Native American Creation Stories of Family and Friendship, Granger’s Threat, Healers on the Mountain, Pueblo Indian Wisdom, Myths of Magical Native American Women Including Salt Woman Stories and Ways of Indian Magic, all from Sunstone Press.

Arun Chintaman Prabhune,PhD, was born in Maharashtra, India. Prabhune was inspired by history, mythology, and cultural study because of his father, a doctor who cared for rural people on horseback. He was professor of Marathi literature in Maharashtra and has been a visiting scholar at Stanford University. He is also a researcher, critic, writer, and a student of comparative folk literature, theatre and drama. Prabhune has published many Marathi language books in India, most recently Kitab-e-Navras. His books Mythological Marathi Drama: New Interpretations and Bear Folktales of American Indians have received awards from the state government of Maharashtra. Prabhune is an advisor to the prestigious Marathi literary periodical Akshar Wangmay and was a member of the editorial board of the Marathi literary periodical Pratishthan for two and half decades and the editor of Marathi literary periodical Akshar Yatra. He has published critical articles on comparative folk literature and drama literature.

6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-417-8
304 pp.,$38.95

6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-297-6
304 pp.,$22.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-587-7
304 pp.,$5.99

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