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Fate, Turquoise Treasure and Survival
By Richard Ryan and Gail Douglas

A mystery novel, set in Nevada and New Mexico, follows a grandson trying to solve a treasure hunt for ten million dollars worth of Lander Blue turquoise hidden by his grandfather for him to find.


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In 1973, Mort Hamilton stops for lunch in Battle Mountain, Nevada. There a stunning Lander Blue turquoise stone set in a silver bracelet and a double homicide, combined with fate, change his life forever. Over the next forty-seven years Mort becomes a successful Santa Fe businessman. Before he dies unexpectedly from the Covid virus, he sets up a treasure hunt for his grandson Michael, a veteran of two tours in Afghanistan and a kindred spirit for magic, puzzles and riddles. The “treasure” is a ten million dollar bag of Lander Blue turquoise. Only 108 pounds were mined. There will be no more. Five treasure hunt clues lead Michael to the Battle Mountain Diner, to a trading post in Gallup, to a deserted mine on Turquoise Hill and through Santa Fe. As Michael and his new love solve the clues, Lester “Cozy” MacFarland, a bitter ex-Albuquerque cop secretly tracks them. Finding the treasure takes a back seat to staying alive. Can you solve the clues with Michael before Cozy does? Includes Readers Guide.

Richard Ryan resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico after retiring from a career in construction and university academia. Gail Douglas resides in Taos, New Mexico after retiring from a career with a major insurance company. Their enthusiasm for New Mexico and a common fascination with Southwest turquoise mines and the stories behind them formed the partnership to write Lander Blue.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-374-4
236 pp.,$22.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-657-7
236 pp.,$4.99

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