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First in the Salinas Trilogy
By Robert Franklin Gish

This novella of becoming traces the growth of a young bi-racial womanís struggles in life and love, marriage and motherhood as she leaves the home she must leave only to be drawn back by the forces of destiny. (SEE MOVE/TV TREATMENT BELOW)


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In this first in The Salinas Trilogy, Nina Lucero discovers that blood guilt has its consequences as she fights her way to self reliance, escaping from the multicultural, Pentecostal confines of a rural upbringing in southern New Mexico. Whether in butchering prize farm animals for food, hunting deer in the nearby Manzano Mountains with her war-vet uncle, warding off the lecherous attacks of neighboring twin brothers, or protecting herself from combative school-girl rivals, violence and blood map the way of Ninaís individuation. Marriage to a delusional pastor caught up in snake worship offers her only tragic respite from the perverse darkness engulfing her spirit and the historic Native American and Hispanic ruins just beyond her fatherís sheep ranch. She has the stuff to save herself and her children, but will she? Are divorce and a move to Albuquerque the answers? Will the soothing strains of her brotherís enchanting guitar and her motherís fateful courage help? Atonement must come for Nina and her family but so must even more catastrophic blood guilt. Includes Readers Guide.

Robert Franklin Gish is the author of numerous works of fiction, memoir, biography, and essays. He teaches writing at the University of New Mexico where he is a distinguished alumnus and an emeritus scholar and professor of English at the University of Northern Iowa and former Director of Ethnic Studies at California Polytechnic State University. Gish is a member of the Authors Guild, the Screen Actors Guild, and Western Writers of America. He is also an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. His previous book for Sunstone Press was Twilight Troubadour.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-361-4
104 pp.,$16.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-640-9
104 pp.,$3.99

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