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A Novel
By Patrick Allen Mohn

A child, while herding his father’s sheep meets someone high in the mountain wilderness that provides him with two gifts, one of which helps the child win “The Big Race,” while the other gift allows him to bring about this story’s miraculous conclusion.


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A young child named Johnny herds his father’s large sheep herd with his dog named Shep. High in the mountains above their farm he unexpectedly meets someone who provides him with two gifts. A newly hired farm hand turns out to be an unsuspecting influence in the new journey that Johnny embarks upon. Johnny is particularly close to one of his cousins who is disabled, and for Christmas Johnny gives his cousin a very special gift. The gifts that Johnny received in the mountains help him to bring about this story’s miraculous conclusion.

Patrick Allen Mohn became interested in creative writing in high school in southern California, and his first college major was Creative Writing. After moving to Cerrillos, New Mexico, and thus into the Galisteo Basin, Patrick pursued his interests in writing and outdoor photography. Several of his articles and photographs have been published in New Mexico Magazine, and many of his photographs have been displayed in galleries around northern New Mexico including his own, including business locations and inside the New Mexico State Capital in Santa Fe. Many of these were joint exhibits with his son, Elijah. He is the author of A Sacred Place in the Enchanted Land: Where Its Heavenly Light Illuminates the Magic in its Dirt, also from Sunstone Press.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-390-4
82 pp.,$18.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-686-7
82 pp.,$4,99

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