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A Novel of Recovery
By Mark Conkling

A tragic SIDS death, a childhood accident that killed his mother, and his double addiction could not destroy Adam Young’s successful journey through hope, recovery, and the renewal of his marriage and family.


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Adam Young, a builder and general contractor from Albuquerque, is addicted to opioids and alcohol. His marriage to Maria falls apart one day when he is the only one present to the SIDS death of their daughter, Ava. Although ruled a “crib death” by the medical examiner, Maria believes Adam was impaired and could have done more to save Ava. Will their marriage end? One Saturday, when Maria is away with her friend, Adam takes his seven-year-old son Lucas on an errand and runs his truck off the road, nearly killing them both. He is cited for DUI and goes with Lucas to the ER. They meet Dr. John Warnock, who treats Lucas’s broken arm and talks with Adam about his DUI, his opiate addiction to prescription pain pills, and his alcoholism. Adam later goes to Dr. Warnock’s office, and there, in the waiting room, he meets Lola Jenkins, a drug representative who is also a professional escort, cocaine addict, and part of a blackmailing ring. She lures Adam, and other doctors, into sexual escapades that are photographed for extortion by a gang also involved in child trafficking. While in detox, at the urging of Dr. Warnock, his friend Ryan takes advantage of Maria’s grief and sleeps over at her house a couple of nights—until Maria regains her senses. When moving out of Ryan’s apartment, where he was staying, Adam finds a pair of Maria’s blue panties in Ryan’s laundry, abruptly ending their friendship. Were her panties a trophy? There is hope for Adam’s recovery, but the battle is not over. Pitfalls and twists keep his addiction on the edge of his search for a new life. Includes Readers Guide.

Mark Conkling, PhD, is a former University Professor of philosophy and psychology, a retired ordained Methodist minister, a General Contractor, a Real Estate Broker, and a writer. Mark Conkling’s “Blues” novels explore ways that spiritual forces found in nature and in other people can transform broken lives. Prairie Dog Blues, Dog Shelter Blues, Killer Whale Blues, and Honey Bee Blues, all from Sunstone Press, show how hope and love can heal our deepest wounds. In addition to the four novels in the “Blues” series, he is the author of various short stories and Adam’s Heart, a bittersweet novel of recovery.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-470-3
258 pp.,$36.95

6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-389-8
258 pp.,$26.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-688-1
258 pp.,$4.99

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