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A Novel Based on a True Ukrainian Love Story
By Steven M. Best

From the Ukrainian-Russian front to the horrors of Hamburg’s firestorm, Nick Hrab somehow manages to survive and find love in a world turned upside down with hate.


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When It All Comes Around is based on the story of the author’s brother and sister-in-law, who emigrated from the Ukrainian/Romanian border area, during World War II. In this tale of survival during wartime. Nick Hrab had just begun milking his family cow one morning when the invading Russian army sends him racing beneath a hailstorm of bullets. With half their family and half their village murdered, the Hrab family fights with the underground resistance for a short time before seeking shelter in Germany. Meanwhile, Hilda, the daughter of a locomotive engineer, is growing up on the sheltered island of Lindau, Germany, directly below the Swiss, German and Italian Alps. After her father is sent to Paris, she and her mother live in Munich, for a time, but the bombing is so heavy they must return to Lindau for safety, only to be caught up in the vengeance of their French and Turkish captors. After a night of Christmas dancing, where Nick and Hilda fall in love, they decide to go to America. Having given up everything for love, Hilda embraces the challenges of leaving everything behind to start a new life in America, while her mother-in-law secretly seeks to destroy her reputation and friendships abroad.

Steven M. Best grew up in the Great Lakes region, in Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio. After a tour of duty in Vietnam, he married into a Ukrainian family, whose story of survival during World War II seemed somewhat of an epic love tale. After retiring from private practice, Best spent several years researching and writing Nick and Hilda’s special story of finding love in a world turned upside down by hate. His first novel, When Philosophers Were Kings, also from Sunstone Press, told the story of his family's many trials during the Civil War, and was critically acclaimed by Midwest Book Review and many others. After its release in 2004, Best received honorable mention at the Georgia Writer of the Year Awards. This is his second novel.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-528-1
180 pp.,$22,95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-696-6
180 pp.,$4.99

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