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A Fernando Lopez Santa Fe Mystery
By James C. Wilson

The murder of a homeless man and reports of a red-faced prowler seen on Canyon Road trigger rumors of the Devil loose in Santa Fe, but Private Investigator Fernando Lopez discovers more sinister threats from anti-immigrant politicians and the Sinaloa Cartel from Mexico.


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After the murder of a homeless man in downtown Santa Fe, Private Investigator Fernando Lopez is visited by a local artist who claims to have seen the Devil on Canyon Road. Lopez is dubious, but rumors continue to spread as more Santa Feans see a red-faced beast in the area. When a second homeless man is murdered, Lopez decides to investigate. The case quickly becomes more complicated––and dangerous––when a violent anti-immigrant movement called Take Back Our Streets wants to use the murders as a pretext to ban immigrants and homeless people from the streets of the city. Lopez discovers troubling information about the leaders of the movement, information that links them to the murders. Meanwhile, sightings of a red-faced beast continue on Canyon Road. Lopez decides to stalk the so-called beast and pursues it to an old Forest Service building on Upper Canyon Road. The building is being rented by Ricardo Aragon, a Mexican painter who, Lopez discovers, is on the run from the Sinaloa Cartel of Mexico. Unwittingly, Lopez finds himself up against the Sinaloa Cartel, the Take Back Our Streets movement, and the Devil on Canyon Road. Includes Readers Guide.

Emeritus Professor of English and Journalism at the University of Cincinnati, James C. Wilson lived in Santa Fe during the turbulent 1970s and wrote for the Santa Fe New Mexican and the Santa Fe Reporter. He has lived in Albuquerque since 2012. He is the author of thirteen previous books, including Hiking New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon: The Trails, The Ruins, The History and Santa Fe, City of Refuge, An Improbable Memoir of the Counterculture in addition to Peyote Wolf, Smokescreen, Ghost Canyon, The Dead Go Fast and Painted Skull Ranch in the Fernando Lopez Santa Fe Mystery Series.

Cover art by Virginia Maria Romero.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-616-5
158 pp.,$32.95

6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-540-3
158 pp.,$22.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-715-4
158 pp.,$4.99

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