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A Guidebook
By Samuel H. Lamb

Photographs, bibliography

This extensive study gives botanical data about the trees and shrubs of Hawaii with a clarity that permits the layman to easily understand it. The author describes the plants, gives common names, mainland equivalents—if there are any—and tells their uses in the changing world of the Pacific Islands. Woven into his narrative are also folk stories about the plants. Of the Naupaka, he writes: “Hawaiian legend says that the half flower came about when a scorned maiden grabbed a flower and tore it in half. She told her lover she would not see him again until he brought her a full flower, but he never did. From that time on, Naupakas have had only half flower and the lover died of a broken heart.”

Samuel H. Lamb holds degrees in forestry and wildlife management. He was Park Naturalist with the National Park Service in Hawaii, has worked in forestry, been a wildlife refuge manager in the American Southwest, and worked for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish in the Division of Game Management, of which he was Assistant Director for five years. He is also the author of Woody Plants of the Southwest from Sunstone Press.

8 1/2 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-913270-91-2
162 pp.,$22.95

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