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A Journal for the Exploration of Oneness
By Brian G. O'Rourke

"This is a wonderful book for anyone on the brink of spiritual awareness because it encourages you to find the way through the meditations of your own heart." (INNERCHANGE MAGAZINE)

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Before there is ever an assumption about anything or anyone, perhaps we could ask the question, why did God create diversity? Here in simple language the author presents a collection of questions that may provide an opportunity for meditation, a sharing of sincere thoughts and a willingness to set aside the practices of prejudice, condemnation and fear. The author presents no answers, but he reveals the accumulation of many questions about the beliefs of God, the importance of having love for all mankind, the uniqueness of our individuality, and the bond that is shared with creation throughout the spiritual journey.

The author feels that "answers to all our questions will come from the God one loves if only one is willing to listen deeply to the creation known as you. When it is said that heaven is within you, perhaps the word truth could replace the word heaven. The truth is within you. God has created who you truly are," he says, "and you will find the answers."

The experiences in this life's journey for the author, Brian G. O'Rourke, have included two countries, twelve different schools, thirty plus residences and countless "incredible creations" he calls family, friends, and those who have touched and enriched his life, some for only the briefest moment. Brian is a product of determination, a desire for self-taught continuing education and the inward flame that life is beautiful, wonderful, playful and must be shared with all of God's people. Brian has spent years earning a living, while like many, searching and challenging the questions of life and meaning.

Please accept your imagination,
expand the horizon of your thoughts
and listen to the sound of inspiration--
the soul of your spirituality.

The answers will not surprise you.
The God of creation is a wonderful teacher.

Be a gift to every life you touch,
And graciously accept the gifts,
Of those lives that touch you.

5 1/2 X 8 1/2
ISBN: 978-0-86534-334-4
74 pp.,$16.95

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