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Tragic Hero Of The Lincoln County War
By Donald R. Lavash

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Was Sheriff William Brady a willing pawn in the hands of a crooked political fation or was he an honest man dedicated to law and order? After his extensive research, Donal R. Lavash thinks Brady deserves a more realistic evaluation of his part in the Lincoln County Was in New Mexico.

In 1873, crime and violence were rampant in Lincoln County, New Mexico. Land fraud, cattle and horse stealing were common. Outlaws, including Billy the Kid, swarmed in to join hands with dishonest citizens. Although Brady tried to stem the frowing tide of anarachy, his efforts ended when he was ambused by Billy the Kid and his gang.

This book is not only a biography of a man but the history of an era in the American Southwest. More information on this controversial period will be found in these other Sunstone Press books: “Alias Billy the Kid” by Donald Cline, “Sheriff Pat Garrett’s Last Days” by Colin Rickards, “The Death of Billy the Kid” by John William Poe, “The Real Billy the Kid” by Miguel Antonio Otero, “Stalking Billy the Kid” by Marc Simmons, “The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid” by Pat Garrett, “Kit Carson’s Own Story of His Life” by Blanche Grant, and “Dynamite and Six-Shooter” by Jeff Burton.

Donald R. Lavash was a historian on the staff of the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives and was a specialist in American Southwest history. An author of numerous articles and the book, “A Journey Through New Mexico History” also published by Sunstone Press, he received his Ph.D. from the International Institute for Advanced Studies.

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5 1/2 x 8 1/2
ISBN: 978-0-86534-064-0
128 pp.,$16.95

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