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Making Beautiful Objects From Tin and Tin Cans
By Fern-Rae Abraham

"Many craft-minded individuals have been intrigued by the use of tin as practiced in an earlier day in the Southwest but they haven't known how to go about using it themselves. Now...a workbook that tells and shows all." --New Mexican.

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Learn how to create beautiful art from scrap metal!

The colorful tin decorations seen throughout the American southwest and in Mexico are the inspiration for exciting these tin craft projects you can make yourself. In TIN CRAFT, author Fern-Rae Abraham introduces the marvels of this economical and satisfying pastime. Taking advantage of the wonderful colors and shiny surfaces of easily available commercial tin cans, the author gives detailed instructions for projects with patterns for you to trace, cut out, and solder into delicate sprays of daisies, exotic lilies, birds to hold up festive swags, and sparkling holiday angels. This informative craft book is fully illustrated by the author and complete with lists of necessary tools and materials for each project. So venture off to your local grocery store, purchase a six-pack of soda pop, return home, empty the soda pop in the kitchen sink and begin your lifelong obsession with TIN CRAFT! Have fun and be sure not to cut yourself.

Fern-Rae Abraham trained in fine art and crafts at the Kansas City Art Institute and later became known as a book illustrator and interior decorator in New York City.

Inside This Book

8 1/2 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-86534-098-5
34 pp.,$6.95

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