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Building Houses From Old Tires
By Ed Paschich and Paula Hendricks

What are tire houses? Who builds them? How do they do it? Will I see the tires when the house is finished? How weird are they? Can I do it myself? Illustrated, photographs.

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You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this book that “Earth Quarterly” called “ excellent addition to the library of any potential tire house builder, offering a wealth of unique ideas that can jump-start you to getting up, getting out, and building that sucker!” And the “Albuquerque Journal” said: “Better keep this one on the night table; you’ll probably want to refer to it as you build a home or an addition to one.”

Using “landfill” tires and a revolutionary process, houses are being built that are both revolutionary and evolutionary--Michael Reynolds builds self-sufficient Earthships™, and Ed Paschich builds traditional homes using tires for the exterior walls. This book will tell you how you can be more responsible when you build a home, improve a home, or add a garden. You’ll learn about constructed wetlands, solar air conditioning, and xeriscape landscaping. It’s all here with many illustrations and photographs.

Ed Paschich, artisan and master custom builder, is the owner of Passage Construction Company, Inc., in Corrales, New Mexico. Ed and his father, Jack, formed the company in 1976 and Ed has been building passive solar adobe homes in the high desert of the American Southwest ever since.

Paula Hendricks is a well-known writer and photographer. Her own line of museum quality notecards featuring her photographic images are sold internationally.

Inside This Book

8 1/2 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-86534-215-6
96 pp.,$18.95

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