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An 1890s Girlhood in New Mexico
By Eva Pendleton Henderson

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Eva Pendleton Henderson, a member of the historical Chisum family, recounts her life on the windy border country of southern New Mexico in the 1890s when it was still a territory. Growing up in a time of legends--Pancho Villa afoot, the rumblings of the first automobile terrifying horses as well as men, drought and fate walking hand in hand, the end of the old West and the beginning of the new. An oft told tale? Yes, but rarely told by a girl and woman who truly saw what was there and wrote of it in a clear, strong, sensible voice. Her story shines as brightly as her unmistakable wit. For all ages; a book for all seasons now in a new edition.

"Henderson's matter-of-fact presentation only underscores the extraordinary nature of her life: 'I learn how to pick up a six shooter.... What woman will not fight for her chickens..?' Colorful colloquialisms enliven the narrative: her father's vocabulary of curse words would 'reach from hell to breakfast.'" (PUBLISHERS WEEKLY)

"This is an enthralling book--sometimes moving, often funny, always authentic." (NEW MEXICO MAGAZINE)

"WILD HORSES is written in a style that can be read by the young and the old. Hopefully some of that 'wild horse' spirit lives on in us." (THE BLOOMSBURY REVIEW)

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ISBN: 978-0-86534-336-8
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ISBN: 978-1-61139-047-6
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