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A Novel
By Larry Frank

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Destined to be an art mogul, Avery Judson serves as an apprentice to an antique shop owner and leaves home to seek his fortune as an art dealer extraordinaire. Soon he stumbles upon a remarkable collection which projects him into an international field of obsessed dealers, collectors, and museum operatives who fiercely compete for art treasures worldwide. Then, in the wake of the collapse of major colonial powers and the emergence of new and independent nations in the 1950s, Avery is exposed to the aggressive adventurers relentlessly searching across international boundaries for masterpieces unearthed by the ensuing political upheavals.

In the midst of this, he finds a fragment of an ivory mask and seeks to unite the piece with the original, which leads him into conflict, machinations, suspense, and unexpected romance. As Avery unravels the shrouded affairs surrounding each step he takes, he encounters a formidable array of passionate characters: an iron-willed and adversarial industrialist and his brilliant, co-dependent wife; a mysterious woman internationally involved in art intrigues; and a woman whose unique wisdom changes his life.

LARRY FRANK was born in Los Angeles, California and graduated from the University of California at Berkley in English literature and philosophy. He has written, directed, and produced twelve educational films as well as a fictional feature that won an Edinburgh Film Festival Award. Since locating in northern New Mexico forty years ago, Mr. Frank has studied North American Indian cultures and native Spanish Colonial art, His book on New Mexico Santos, THE NEW KINGDOM OF THE SAINTS, was published in 1993. He has lectured on Santos at Stanford University, the Roswell Museum, and the University of New Mexico. Author of two definitive books on Indian subjects, HISTORIC POTTERY OF THE PUEBLO INDIANS and INDIAN SILVER JEWELRY OF THE SOUTHWEST, Frank also wrote a book of short stories, TRAIN STOPS, published by Sunstone Press. In 2002, the New Mexico Historical Society awarded Larry Frank the Ralph Emerson Twitchell Award for a three-volume book, LAND SO REMOTE. Married to well-known artist, Alyce Frank, they have three grown children.

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