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A Reed Haddok Western
By Tom V. Whatley

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Reed Haddok was unconscious. Strong hands lifted him and took him to safety. Haddock owed his life to the owner of those hands. Time taught him that they belonged to a mysterious Indian, but Haddock didn’t have a name, a face, or a voice to use in identifying him. But he owed him. If a man was owed a whipping or a thank-you by Reed Haddok, you could count on him to pay his debt.

He soon gets his chance when he finds that the man who saved his life—Tall Tree—is now the wounded captive of an Apache war party. Haddock immediately sets out to save his new Indian friend and has a little fun at the expense of the Apaches as well. The heart pounding actions that make up the rescue, escape, and trek back to Tall Tree’s hidden village take a series of riveting, fast paced turns that will make the reader grab the saddle horn and hang on for dear life.

TOM WHATLEY is a minister, a former Infantry Officer with the U.S. Army, and an avid outdoors man. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States and has a keen interest in the American West and Northwest. He lives in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and is the author of two other Reed Haddok novels, CUTS NO SLACK and HE AIN’T DEAD, both published by Sunstone Press.

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-406-8
128 pp.,$16.95

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