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A Novel of Suspense
By Tom V. Whatley

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A friendly town is caught by surprise when a relatively unknown woman is murdered in northwest Alabama. Nothing adds up as detective Lane Cole jumps on the case with bulldog tenacity only to find himself at repeated dead ends.

The nonexistent trail to the killer is a puzzle. Good police work finds him quizzing the neighboring law enforcement agencies about their unsolved murders. He soon discovers five other killings over an eight-year period with the same M.O. Whammo! Lane Cole has a multiple murderer on his hands. What follows is a twisting road leading all the way to Chicago. It travels through the land of deep mental illness, severely abused children, and police work dangerously close to the edge. The surprise ending becomes the beginning of serious soul searching for any reader.

TOM WHATLEY lives in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. He is the author of three western novels. "Cuts No Slack," "He Ainít Dead," and "Ghost Runner" chronicle the life of Reed Haddok and were all published by Sunstone Press. He is a minister and declares he wrote "The Gatekeeper" from his heart.

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-427-3
120 pp.,$26.95

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