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Mimbres Children Learn Respect
By Carilyn Alarid and Marilyn Markel

"...a book to treasure for readers of all ages. It is best shared initially in the traditional read-aloud fashion, but also serves as a simple reference book on the Mimnbres people and other American Indians and their ways. Older children will want to reread it and refer to its instructions on creating a Talking Stick." --SUNDAY, THE NEW MEXICAN MAGAZINE

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This fascinating story brings together two Native American traditions: the age old practice of using a “talking stick” to encourage communication and avoid conflict; and the unique black and white painted pottery images used by the Mimbres Indians of southwest New Mexico. The story centers around four Mimbres children and a wise old Grandfather who helps them learn active listening skills, the value of sharing their individual talents, and the importance of respecting each other. The children are brought to life through the illustrated scenes of everyday activity as depicted on the pottery bowls by Mimbres artists of a thousand years ago.

This book, focusing on the theme of respect, is the first in a series to help children learn how to develop good character traits. Teachers, librarians and children of all ages will enjoy its pictorial narrative.

Twin sisters Carilyn Alarid and Marilyn Markel are dedicated to helping children learn how to have respect for the individual and cultural differences of all people. With a Master's degree in Special Education and pursuing a Master's degree in History respectively, Carilyn is a behavior consultant who designs and implements behavior interventions for students and Marilyn teaches about the increasing need to preserve our archaeological treasures through outreach programs. Born and raised in New Mexico, these sisters have the utmost respect for native cultures both past and present.

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-418-1
116 pp.,$16.95

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