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A Novel
By John "Bud" Campbell with Glen Onley

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Dale Rory, upon graduation from an Ohio university, loads his meager earthly possessions into his old car and heads for the rolling plains of West Texas. His lifelong dream is be a basketball coach and teacher, while owning a small ranch with a few head of cattle. Rory inherited little of monetary value from his recently deceased parents, but they had instilled in their son a high sense of integrity and an unrelenting drive to succeed through hard work, common sense, and dedication. So far, these traits have served him well and have become a part of who he is, as much as muscle and bone. Dale finds the job he wants in Paddock, Texas, a small town in struggling Cottle County, and then fate smiles on him in a totally unexpected way. With the option to chunk the job and the dusty town for a much easier road, his core values are quickly put to the test. Unwilling to give up his dream, he begins preparations for his first basketball season, and then purchases a small ranch a few miles west of Paddock, where he soon meets his nearest neighbors, a brusque widow and her daughter. Though he does not realize it at the time, once more fate has blessed him, but with a few twists and turns that he never could have imagined. The author believes that the reader, while turning the pages of young Dale Rory’s life, will shed tears for the struggling adolescents that come his way, and also for the fortunate and benevolent coach.

BUD CAMPBELL, a Texan and graduate of Mount Vernon High School, was an all-state member of their1948 state-championship basketball team, and subsequently played for Texas Christian University. After ten years of leading basketball programs at various Texas schools and inspiring youngsters to develop a winning attitude, Bud spent twenty-seven years as a school principal, the majority at North Mesquite High in the Dallas area. With humor, wit, and an upbeat personality, Bud has inspired thousands with his motivational speeches at banquets, civic organizations, and staff development programs where he stresses that life’s richest blessings are realized through giving freely.

GLEN ONLEY is the author of “Coach Catfish Smith And His Boys,” “Beyond Contentment,” “Discovery Tree,” and “Sunset,” all available from Sunstone Press.

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-476-1
212 pp.,$18.95

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