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Finding Your Tai Chi Body
By Robin Johnson

"Chapters explore key points in training one's Tai Chi body element by element, offering both metaphysical discourse and practical physical guidance to the reader striving to better understand and benefit from the practice. A valuable study and enhancement manual for Tai Chi students and practitioners of all skill levels." MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

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This unique manual of internal methods, inspired by the skills of Yang the Invincible, reveals key elements in finding and training a Tai Chi body. How did Yang do it? From whom did he learn? He watched the Chens but had to train alone in secret. Yang Lu-chan had to learn from himself, through his own body.

Beginning in the stillness of Wu Ji standing, the author presents core components of Tai Chi movement. Each chapter identifies, describes, and explains structures and techniques of a moving body. What, in plain language, are the meanings of stillness in motion? How does ground-level attention ensure seamless moves in solo forms and applied technique? Which complementary action principles ensure the correct shape and energy? What is modesty, and how does it optimize energy exchange? Why are form orientations both useful and misleading? How does a Tai Chi boxer employ the fourth dimension?

These and other questions about Tai Chi movement are answered in clear and direct language. There are no theories nor confusing aphorisms. And the methods employ sensing and deeds, not thinking and ideas. Whatever your intent--self-care, self-defense, or enhanced understanding--youíll find ways to progress at all levels.

The author has distilled thirty years of exploration and deep respect for Yang into this manual. Rather than think and talk, he has tried to put himself in Yang Lu-chanís shoes.

ROBIN JOHNSON has engaged in martial arts and natural sciences since childhood. Early steps in Western boxing, jujutsu, then judo, led him in 1972 to Tai Chi Chuan. He has been deeply immersed ever since. The skill and clarity in methods that work have led and guided his studies. And professional practice in science, music, medicine, and martial arts molds the content of this manual. In it he offers simple steps toward Tai Chi Chuanís grace and competence. Sifu Johnson offers classic Tai Chi Chuan six days/week in sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico. He conducts seminars in Tai Chi body, applied form, sword dueling, and Nanjing cane, when and where needed. Leisure may find him playing mountain music, fencing, cooking, and trying to best his daughter Rhiannon at 3D tic tac toe.

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