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Stories from a Fabled Past
By Marc Simmons

“Marc Simmons’ writing draws you into the maelstrom of our history with ease and clarity.” THE SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN

"Simmons is a consummate historian and writer. Each narrative is well told and gives insight into the fascinating history of New Mexico. These essays will inspire readers to want to know more. The entire collection provides informative and entertaining reading, proving, perhaps, that it takes a maverick historian to tell a maverick's tale." WAGON TRACKS, Santa Fe Trail Association Quarterly

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“I first saw New Mexico as a kid, in 1950,” the author says. “At once I fell under its hypnotic spell, as have so many others. My commitment to become a writer about things New Mexican was born shortly thereafter. From more than a half century of prowlings along the byways of the state, I’ve managed to glean a fair knowledge of its peoples and culture.

“What continues to impress me is that history in New Mexico lies so close to the surface. Here one continually runs into Indians, Hispanos and fourth or fifth generation Anglos whose lives and outlook are firmly rooted in the years before yesterday. Moreover, their personal histories are enriched by the backdrop of an extraordinary landscape. These realities have provided me an abundance of material for carving out the series of short narratives compiled in the book.”

MARC SIMMONS is a professional author and historian who has published more than forty books on New Mexico and the American Southwest. His popular “Trail Dust” column is syndicated in several regional newspapers. In 1993, King Juan Carlos of Spain admitted him to the knightly Order of Isabel la Católica for his contributions to Spanish colonial history.

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